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Appointment: How to book with me

How to set up an appointment with me One of the common questions asked is how do I book an appointment with you? The answer is very easily! I've created this step by step guide to help walk you through the process.  [spacer] 1. Select a Day and Time for us to meet We will…
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How and why to set an appointment with me

How and why to set an appointment with me One of the most common questions that the ladies of Sagebrush Ranch, Bunny Ranch, Kit Kat ranch, and Love Ranch are asked is how can someone set up an appointment with the legal escort of their choice? The steps are really straight forward- though keep in…
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Redhead Ladies do it better in bed

Redhead Ladies do it better in bed Men claim that Redheads are better- but did you know there is actually proof to this statement? Redheads, such as myself have special MC1R genes, which cause the red hair. These genes are responsible for other characteristics that make redheads better at sex- though the only way to really…
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Military- servicing our servicemen

Military Service members discountSome of my favorite clients are men and women from America’s armed forces. I even offer a discount for them! It is important for me to support our troops.  It’s not an easy job! The sad result is that people often come back with more than just souvenirs. Many come back with emotional baggage and trauma that’s invisible as often as it is physical. Both kinds of trauma are expensive and exhausting to treat and we all know how effective the VA is in making sure they receive the accommodations they need to start their lives over.

Societal problems

​Meanwhile, our society actively discourages them from seeking help at all, with a toxic narrative that mental illness is something you can just will yourself out of alone and an overall attitude that ‘real men don’t need to ask for help.’This is old thinking- i choose to embrace a new way of thinking and offer that connection.

While I can't fix everything, I try to do my part.  A courtesan doesn’t just have to be a passive sex object. If that was all you wanted, you could buy a sex toy and be done. What makes the courtesan experience special is the emotional connection we can form. I’m here to listen to you, to share your experiences, to understand and accommodate the unique needs your physical or mental trauma might have left you with. Because of this, many military men find that GFE is perfect for them! You’re assured all the privacy of a counselor with the added benefit of being open to physical comfort.

Mental Health

​As of 2013, a VA study revealed that roughly 22 veterans commit suicide every day. That’s almost one an hour!  And forcing them to suppress their natural, human reactions to the stress and fear of living and working in a war zone is only going to make those numbers worse.  As a society, we need to do better to destigmatize mental illness and other invisible illnesses for the sake of everyone, but especially for our veterans who suffer those injuries disproportionately to everyone else.

Individually,  I can’t do much to change things except vote and try to be a better and more understanding person in my own life. As a sex worker, I seek to understand your experience, and be a comfort to you. I hope that we can develop a connection that will enrich both of our lives! Because I want to make our time together perfect, I encourage you to email me in advance.

I will never judge you for dealing with trauma in whatever way you need to, and it’s very important to me to make you as comfortable as possible. My military clients have found this to be true. You have my full support, understanding, and respect. I once worked as an EMT. Because of this, I offer my discount to all service folk. EMT, Firefighters, Policemen, etc. I believe i'm the perfect courtesan for service men, because I understand what you've been through. Due to my own experience, I can understand your experiences too.