First Time Bunny Ranch Visit


Welcome to the World Famous Bunny Ranch!

When you come to the Ranch for your first time, a lot of people are a little nervous. You’ll park, walk up to the white gate, and ring the doorbell; that is how it all begins.

When you ring the doorbell, you

will be immediately greeted, and invited inside the Bunny Doors, where I and the other lovely bunny ladies will be lining up to introduce ourselves to you. We will walk into the parlor where you and I can sit down and get to know each other better. I’ll give you a lovely tour of the ranch, starting with the parlor and its lovely fireplace, the infamous Bunny Bar, the many private Jacuzzis, private VIP suites, and of course my private bedroom!

**Helpful Tip: Ring the bell once if you would like the ladies to line up. Ring the bell twice if you have an appointment.

Once we are in the privacy of my room, we can spend some time going over what you were hoping to get out of our encounter. I offer all kinds of fun and sexy services, from erotic messages, overnight dates, outdates (where we can go out to dinner and a night on the town), two-girl parties, roleplaying, and even fetish and kink services. Remember we can’t talk legally about money until we’re in the privacy of my room. I’m able to work with almost any budget, so don’t be intimidated!

Once we agree to your party, we will walk out to the beautiful “Hooker Booker” door, where the house will take care of your payment. And yes, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch does accept most major credit cards. Don’t worry though, billing is always discreet and shows up like a hotel charge. Some of my guests have even told me they’ve written it off as a business expense!

Once done, we will go back to my private room to explore your desires. Maybe we’ll enjoy a private Jacuzzi so we can stare at the stars. For the really adventurous, we can visit one of our VIP suites. Whichever room we end up in, I’ll get to spend some uninterrupted quality time with you, exploring your deepest desires and passions.

I can’t wait to see you soon! <3

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  1. Even though I'm in my 60s, I was nervous as a new bride when I rang the bell. Don't be, everyone there is used to first time visitors and will make to feel comfortable. And Alice will make you more than comfortable.

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