Back in the Saddle: A Return to Sex and Dating

As we go through life, we start to take certain things for granted. For example, once we're in a committed relationship, we don't expect to return to the 'dating game', and perhaps forget all together how to even date someone new! This occurrence is more common than you'd believe, and frequently one that is resolved here at the Bunny Ranch. It's expected that you'll be nervous. Perhaps your partner passed away years ago, and you've finally now got it in you to open your heart again. Perhaps you've been through an uncomfortable divorce, and aren't comfortable with flirting anymore. Regardless of the reason- I’d love to be the one to help you get back into the saddle.

The first step is establishing a common interest. What are your hobbies? What did you major in? What’s your favorite book? Let's get to know each other and build that friendship organically, leading up to our date. We can e-mail or text for weeks beforehand to help you build your self confidence. I'll tell you a secret- I get nervous too before a first date. I still get that same feeling of excited butterflies- will you like me as much as I like you? Will we have good chemistry? I always have faith that things will work out perfectly, yet I still have those same jitters that you're probably feeling right now. That's a good thing though! It's okay to be excited for our time together. In fact, I want you to be excited.

In person, our chemistry will naturally flow. We could share some drinks at the bar, or seclude ourselves to a quiet corner to chat near the fireplace. Relax, no rush- just settling in. There is never a rush to begin our date; I want to have the time to show you around the ranch, introduce you to my pony Merlin, and let you feel comfortable and at home. The ranch has multiple options for our date- from my in-house suite, to one of the luxury private suites. However, before we hit the bedroom we've got a date night planned!

A romantic dinner is such an iconic piece of dating. The first date is often dinner, followed by the movies! We can do this too- dine first, then select a show and relax, cuddled up while sharing a bowl of buttery popcorn and theater snacks. If you're not much of a movie person, we can go for coffee, a walk in the park, or perhaps go gambling at one of the local casinos. The goal is to have fun, flirt, and let the sexual tension grow. When the time is right... back to the bedroom we go!

There's no rush, no expectations, no pressure. This is simply about pleasure. Getting back in the saddle isn't about being a porn star and swinging from the chandelier- it's finding yourself again, and letting yourself open up to new encounters and new experiences. Romantic sex, just like when you were after high school - simple passion, stolen kisses, and clasped hands. Come take a ride with me.

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  1. Well Alice you are certainly not lacking in writing skills, relentlessness, and resilience! Looks like some sex workers are also writers. Very impressive! I always enjoy reading what you write and come up with!
  2. It would be very nice to correspond with you and for us to get to know each other before we meet. I've been single for nine years and have been on enough just-didn't-click blind dates to make me strongly want to know a woman pretty well before I take her anywhere, especially the bedroom. I visited Northern Nevada in 2000 after chatting with two women at other houses well enough that they were glad to meet me, and as it turned out I had a great time. I'd be especially happy to have history repeat itself.

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