Dinner and Dancing

I have always been a romantic. From the time I was old enough to first watch TV, my attention was drawn to old romance movies. Music, dancing, dinner, candles on the table... There’s something so classically charming and appealing about old fashioned romance. Chivalry isn’t dead, nor is the art of romance. I propose this idea; let’s bring back romance. Dinner and dancing should be the new status quo- where couples venture out together, arm in arm, simply enjoying each other's company. During my GFE parties, I always seek in infuse romance into our time together. I’m a big fan of connection, and adore the little moments of intimacy that occur organically. It’s the little things- the way your fingers perfectly interlace with mine, feeding me dessert from your fork, and the unintentional smile that creeps onto my lips when I gaze into your eyes.

There’s something to be said for casual romance- it’s a unique opportunity to relax, enjoy, and focus on yourself. Allow me to treat you to the experience of a lifetime, filled with memories you won’t soon forget. We can get a suite at one of the many fine casinos, and even have dinner catered in just for us! We can relax in the privacy of our own room, while still enjoying a delicious gourmet meal. Do you enjoy Lobster or do you prefer steak? We can always share- I’ll feed you, if you’ll feed me! Of course, we can’t forget about dessert afterwards!

Dancing is a forgotten art. The act of rhythmically moving with your partner, hands clasped and cheek to cheek. The warmth of your body radiating against mine. Dancing is like foreplay- it gets our bodies warmed up, aroused, and interested. It also is very connective. We get to be close together, embracing for long moments at as time, spinning and swaying at the music croons sweetly in the background. Be it on a cruise ship or in the privacy of our suite, a dance with you is one that I’ll greatly treasure.

Join me, this doesn’t just have to be a fantasy. I live to bring the fantasy into reality, and bring passion and romance to the forefront of our time together. Warm embraces, soft kisses, conversations while sipping wine in the hot tub- these are the things I treasure most in this world. I’m not a materialistic person; I value memories far greater than any object. I want to make memories with you, ones that we both will treasure. Shall we dance?

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  1. Went to a lovely night on the town with Alice in Reno. It was a night to remember, let me tell you. She truly does make the entire night feel like the best date you've ever imagined, She is witty, very smart, and a great dancer ;)
  2. what a sexy date!!!

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