Hookers for Healthcare

Hookers for Healthcare

In the National Healthcare debate, between Trump Care and the Affordable Care Act, there's one demographic that could be disproportionately impacted but is often left out of the conversation: People who make a living as Sex Workers.

Hookers for Healthcare is a grassroots movement started by sex workers against Trumpcare (the AHCA and the BCRA) and the removal of Obamacare (the ACA). The founder, Alice Little (that's me!), is a legal sex worker at the Sagebrush Ranch outside Reno, NV. The movement does not necessarily believe that the Affordable Care Act is perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it is our opinion that it should not be repealed until something better is conceived of, and our position is that Trumpcare does not pass muster in that regard.

As sex workers, the ladies who work at the ranches are exposed to many clients of advancing age and also many clients who are disabled. Hearing the stories of our clients and dealing with our own struggles to obtain affordable care has motivated us to join the many who are protesting the institution of Trumpcare and are hoping to help pressure our representatives to take action in our best interests.

Look for me on Nightline, as they cover the story. When I can update with an air date, I will. Please also see the links below for more information on #hookersforhealthcare

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The movement has even caught the eyes of CNN as featured in this illuminating report:

Hookers for Healthcare speak out against Senate health bill

Hookers for Healthcare

Adding a voice to the chorus against the Republican-led American Health Care Act is a group not usually heard on protest frontlines: prostitutes.

Source: Hookers for Healthcare CNN report

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