Let’s Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About Sex

Sex. It's a normal part of adult life, and something that the majority of humans will engage in at one point or another throughout their lives. Yet...our society struggles when it comes to actually talking about sex! We will go to incredible length to avoid talking about sex, going so far to make up 'pet names' for our body parts. Boobies, va-jay-jay, kitty, rod, member, private parts...the list goes on and on! Why in the world in the new millenium are we still so hesitant to talk about sex?! I propose that we need a change; we need to talk about sex. Here's three sexy ways to improve your sexual communication skills in the bedroom!

1. If it feels good, say something!
Your partner isn't a mind reader! It can be very difficult in the heat of the moment to differentiate one pleasurable action from the next, so it can take some time to figure out what activities pleasure your partner the most. Instead of subtle reaction, consider speaking up when something feels great! It can be as simple as 'Yes!' or elaborate as 'Right there- don't stop'. You can even give sexy directive to make the activity even more pleasurable. For example if you're female bodied, you may have specific preferences for clitoral stimulation. A sexy way to communicate can be to place your hand over your partners, and with your hand direct their movements. Silent communication is still sexy!

2. If it doesn't feel good, Say something!
Must like the first solution of 'if it feels good, say so', this is the reverse. Sometimes during sex our partner tries something that doesn't feel good. Every woman is different, as are their pleasure preferences. It's absolutely okay to say 'not like that...like this' and then show them what you prefer. By communicating openly, you'll be able to improve upon your sexual compatibility and reach new levels of pleasure. Never hesitate to stop something that you dislike. Sex is supposed to be fun, after all!

3. Tell me how you want it
What are you in the mood for tonight- rough and wild, or sensual and soft? The sexy talk has to begin before sex does! Having a conversation with your partner before getting intimate can ensure you're both on the same page! You can even discuss which lingerie set you'd like to see your partner wear to enhance your experience even further. Pre-planning your sex encounter isn't a bad thing; if anything, it'll lead to new sexual heights!

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  1. Great blog about how to improve your sexual communications there. Always great to read!
  2. I love it hun
  3. Alice your article " Let's Talk About Sex" is a grand battering ram to the societal walls of repressive attitude and miscommunication about things of sexual nature! Very innovative! This is a great step forward to open communication and understanding. 🐰have so much appreciation and admiration for you doing this!!!!!!!!~~~~~
  4. Great post, Alice! Nothing wrong at all about expressing one's self in the bedroom. Pleasure during sexual activities should be mutual, for sure.

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