Couples Parties

Opening up your bedroom to include an additional lady is a huge decision- one that can be life changing and revitalizing for your relationship! I'm so delighted your considering including me in a joined experience. There are many questions that you are both likely having when making this important decision- all of which I will gladly answer for you.

I am considered to be an expert on couples encounters, and I look forward to making each of your desires come to life! When planning out a couples party, I encourage both of you to let me know your wishes, expectations, and limitations. I am very respectful, and will follow any boundaries that are outlined before our encounter.

To help guide you through our experience, I have assembled a few packages that you can pick from. Of course, each encounter is personalized to suit your wishes, and custom package options can easily be created to accommodate your needs. I Invite you both to Read My Reviews, and then Contact Me so we can begin planning our experience together!

Couples Packages

Package #1 - Couples VIP

Our time together starts in our extra-large Jacuzzi, with a bottle of Champagne or wine. We will get to relax, talk, and get to know each other better. From there, we can slip into our robes and move into our luxurious VIP room and XL king sized bed! With plenty of room for three people, it's the perfect place to try new positions and create mutual pleasure and memories that will last!

Package #2 - Couples Luxury Plus

Let's enjoy the largest room in the house together! I'll set up my massage table and treat you both to a very relaxing rub down that is sure to get things loosened up. Featuring a couch, XL king-sized bed, and a dancing pole, the luxury suite is the place for an exciting night's adventure! We can try out all sorts of fun on the couch, the bed, and then have me treat you both to a dance! This room also has its own private shower so we can all shower off after our bedroom adventure. Or maybe we can continue there...

Package #3- Couples Out-date

Let's venture away from Sagebrush Ranch and explore Nevada together! I have a list of the best restaurants we can visit together before we head back to your hotel and enjoy all the amenities there! We can go for a swim, or relax in the sauna. After that, it's back to your room for a night filled with fun, pleasure, and adventure. Anything is possible! Let's have a great time together that leaves you both with big smiles.

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