What is an erotic massage?

On it's own, massage can be used for relaxation of the muscles, easing tension and alleviating all manner of pain. An erotic massage does all of that and more. An erotic massage brings a deeper connection between the person giving it and the person receiving it and can leave you feeling like you're floating on a cloud for several days afterwards. Conventional massage has a few "don't touch" zones and in most cases, the things you want touched the most fall into that region. An erotic massage doesn't share those limitations and is intended to excite and arouse while creating an experience that is novel, deeply satisfying and intimate. I am a master at this practice and you could not find yourself in more capable hands, whether you've had an erotic massage before or it's your first time. Due to the deep level of connection, it's very easy for me to read you and make the experience personal.

This experience is not about achieving a single climax, it is a process of ever increasing pleasure, wave after wave throughout the entire massage.

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