Come Sexplore with me!

Interested in new, diverse, and pleasurable sex positions? Come join me for some special sexploration! I'm well-studied in the art of lovemaking, and have spent many years studying and practicing techniques from the Kama Sutra and other sex manuals. I promise you a sexual adventure that will be life-changing!

Ever wanted to have sex while standing up? How about with your partner sitting in your lap, with their arms and legs wrapped intimately around you? How about sex against a wall? In a chair? Together we will go through several positions, exploring each one thoroughly before moving on to the next.

All these positions and many more are available when you come to visit me! This is a specialty party that I offer at a non-specialty price, so be sure to take advantage of this incredible journey!

I am a professional sex educator; let me be your expert guide and partner as we venture through the erotic arts together!

This will change how you have sex forever - your eyes will be opened up to a whole world of tantalizing, tantric positions that will bring both you and all your future lovers to total ecstasy! Want to learn how to please your future partners better? My Sexploration session is for you! 

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