From start to finish, from the tour to the goodbye hug this was an experience to remember.

A bit about Alice: she has a delightfully wicked sense of humor (twisted, like mine a bit) and an imagination to match, all rolled up in the most innocent looking girl you ever did see. Until her eyes start glinting with mischief of course. I have been reading her postings on the forums, especially the kink related ones, and had come to the conclusion that she did know what she is talking about. Happily, I can also report that she definitely has the skills to back up the knowledge, which with many folks is not always the case.

We had emailed back and forth a few times, as I had some questions about some of her interests, and then I decided to drop in one quiet evening. She was in the lineup, and gave me a tour of the place. When I told her who I was, she surprised me by remembering our conversations, which led to some great conversation on mutual interests and likes. At some point we did manage to negotiate a party in between talking, comparing notes, and laughing. After taking care of the financials, we headed back to her room for an awesome fun filled party. The details of what transpired will remain between us, but trust me when I say that Alice Little is extremely good at what she does, is ridiculously sexy, and totally appeals to all 5 senses.