Spent some time with Alice Little today. She is super sweet, super sexy, small enough to fit in my duffel bag and take back home. I started out pretty nervous as this is a major directional change in my life. Alice sensed that and sat down with me in the parlor and we just talked until I was ready for my trip to Wonderland.

Alice was easy to negotiate with. She loves me so she gave me all the discounts. (Well, she was fair in discussions and gave me the firefighter/EMT rate.) Alice got to "show me the ropes" in a few different ways- this was my first brothel visit, and she introduced me to light bondage with literal rope. That was good. Nothing wrong with Alice's domme style. I just don't know for sure if it's my thing. But I tried it. Anyway, I may try again next year with a bit more of an idea what I would want to experience. We won't dwell on that except to say that you can get a good idea about bondage from an expert like Alice and I could stand to learn my knots.

After untying me, Alice massaged my back and shoulders. We didn't spend considerable time on that because the best was yet to come. She and I experienced a round-the-world of sex. And here's where the sexual dynamo in her came out. Again, it was my first experience in brothels and bondage, and I felt kind of nervous then weird about being there. Alice suggested maybe even the altitude had something to do with it. I thought it was probably the newness of the experience and being (lightly) whipped by Alice. Although Alice put me at ease, it was apparent that "finishing" what I started would be a problem. I mean, no problem starting and Alice is exciting enough to hold my arousal, but between all other factors, I couldn't manage to "pop" as some like to say. It turned out that wasn't a problem. I actually felt sorry for Alice as she kept going and going and going. She was determined to know that I got what I needed. She said it didn't bother her a bit to just keep going. Finally, I was satisfied (in the way guys like to be satisfied). I truly believe that if I needed another half hour of constant coitus, Alice would easily have kept up. Oh to be young and full of caffeine and energy. And Alice's kisses were worth as much as everything else about the party.