I’ve known Alice for a while now. We had a great time on Valentine’s Day. I had a chance to be in town for my birthday weekend and wanted to spend part of it with Alice. We share so many common interests and have talked so much through private chat over the last few months that she knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday. A sensual massage, some kinky sex, mixed with the best birthday cake I’ve had in a long time. We got so carried away with the chocolate syrup and whipped cream that we needed a shower to wash off the sticky and sugary mess we created. It was the most fun I've had in a shower since our Valentine's Day antics.

This is a birthday that I will remember forever. Especially, the last half hour. Wonderland is an experience anyone will enjoy. With enough talk, Alice can gauge exactly what you want and how you want it then make you want more.

Thank you, Alice, for creating a wonderland perfect for a guy like me. I will never forget you.