Alice was very sweet and put me at my ease. She was also very patient. When it came to discussing the price, I felt respected (strange word perhaps), by which I mean that having discussed what I wanted, she tried to genuinely find what I could afford. Also, what I think was wonderful is that she made it work, to fit what I wanted with what I could afford. I truly believe Alice felt stressed trying to fit in everything so I would have a great time yet I felt completely unstressed. It was only afterwards when running through my pleasant memories that it occurred to me. I found Alice to be a courtesan who gives openly of herself. She does not hold back and, for me, that really lifts the experience to the next level.

I chose the GFE which is probably a good choice as a nervous first-timer. However, having read some of these reviews I think I should be a bit(read a lot) more ambitious next time and "push the envelope". You come here to have a great time so why hold back? The ladies certainly do not want you too. Make the most of life, live and enjoy! ​