​I cannot remember anyone who has caught my attention faster on the board than Alice Little. Alice Little has such a fun presence on the boards, that I wanted to get to know more about her. I traded a few messages with Alice on the boards and she was always so friendly in her replies. A few naughty messages from Alice and I had to setup a date to cash in on all the wild things we talked about. I drove through the snow covered roads to get to the Bunny Ranch, but that rough drive was nothing compared to the wild ride I was in store for with Alice. As they opened up the door to the ranch, Alice was right there to meet me. She gave me a nice big hug and we walked to the bar. I noticed she’s quite the beauty and is exactly as pictured. Standing 4’8” with beautiful porcelain skin and lovely red hair made her stand out from all the other lovely ladies at the Bunny Ranch. We started chatting and even though I just met her, I was so comfortable being around her. Her online persona is exactly how she is in person. She’s very intelligent and can hold her end of the conversation on many topics. Good looks, intelligence, a fun personality, she’s got all that I want in a lady that I would like to spend time with in the back. Negotiations are extremely easy and we’re both happy with our agreement. After the payment is taken care of, Alice practically rips my clothes off and sets the tone for one of the wildest parties I’ve had. She definitely got me excited with her dancing and so much teasing. It’s almost impossible to think that someone who looks so innocent can pack so much erotic entertainment in that lovely all natural body she has. Thankfully, she pushed me onto the bed and turned up the dial on the party. Never before have I partied with such a petite lady. I’ve been missing out on some serious party action, by not partying with a woman so petite as Alice. Alice used every inch of her body to bring out so much ecstasy from me. Whether she was taking care of me with her oral skills or riding away with her wild style, there was no wrong she could do. Every second of that party, was spent with Alice all over me, making sure I knew that petite redheads do it best. She was a whirlwind of excitement that held nothing back to ensure that she drew out every drop of pleasure from my body. What an amazing phenomena I experienced at the Bunny Ranch that weekend. To make it even more memorable, Alice lay with me and cuddled with me to show off her tender side as well. I was so happy to make that trip with Alice to visit her wonderland. I’ll be sure to visit again and eagerly await to see what other magic she has in her realm of pleasure.