I tumbled through the looking glass today and into the arms of the perfect pixie princess! I've been looking forward to my appointment with Miss Alice for ages and it was everything I'd hoped for and more. This little Cheshire Kitten had my head spinning like the Mad Hatter! I've fallen down the rabbit hole and straight into love with Alice Little!

Her massage skills are incomparable. It would be enough that she does it naked, but she's genuinely skilled as well, leaving you limber and relaxed so she can have her way with you.
She's so smart! A skilled conversationalist who can thrill you with talk long before she takes her clothes off.

And there's nothing in the realm of kink she isn't an expert on! I could listen to her talk about rope and leather for hours <3 Not to mention when she actually tries that sort of thing on you!!

I'm definitely coming back through the looking glass soon! My heart lies in Wonderland with Alice Little!