So magic starts to happen when one enters Wonderland (which means partying with Alice Little). I did have plans for another party with another lady, but it didn't work out. A lady that caught my eye was Roxanne Price. But I really really liked the feeling of a connection that Alice and the other lady developed with me for months prior to partying. Roxanne didn't really know me long enough for that to happen. But Alice said great things about her and I went to meet Roxanne across the street after my party with Alice. I wasn't the nervous mess that Alice met a couple hours prior, but was feeling good and bold from my party.

Roxanne is either one of the greatest courtesans out there and can become the lady with perfect chemistry or else she and I really had perfect chemistry. She got my jokes without explaining, she picked up on my using humor for conversation and kidded back with me. She loved my boldness (thanks, Alice) and I loved her confidence. She totally went beyond my expectations of her- absolutely gorgeous, the hourglass figure I was reading about and imagining, such a great conversationalist. I won't say she could always do this, but I had come by early afternoon on a slow weekday, so Roxanne sat with me and made up for us not knowing each other well. We talked, we laughed, we shared, we negotiated, I even went for BBQ and ate with her when I came back. Roxanne made me have to have her.

Our negotiation was for a party 4 days later, as I had solid plans with friends until then. I expected to book a short party for an hour, maybe more, and add a 30 minutes extra July special she had mentioned. But after telling Alice that I wasn't ever really interested in a two-girl party, Roxanne asked if I wanted a two-girl experience- party with her for two hours and have Alice join us for a second hour, and she quoted a price that was too good to say no to. I stopped her mid-sentence and said "DONE!" before she might have decided she should have asked for more money. I already knew that Alice took me to her incredible Wonderland and that this should be a mind-bending party.

So 4 days later, Roxanne and I partied. Alice had already dealt with my nervousness at the previous party, so going into this party was easier. From our time 4 days before, Roxanne knew what I needed. I was there for a boobs lover's dream come true. Boy-oh-boy is Roxanne made for that. I will not turn this into erotica, but will just say those boobs did all kinds of magic, along with her lips, ass, hands, and her own Wonderland. An hour with Roxanne did not fly by because I was so thoroughly satisfied when it was over, and then Alice joined us for the second hour. Well, I already knew how wonderful a party with Alice was. Apparently, I wasn't thoroughly satisfied enough for these ladies. I was going to have to go down the rabbit hole again. (Double-entendre is intentional) Proportionally for her petite size, Alice's boobs are pretty awesome- maybe a nice "C" cup. And certainly, while I wanted it to be all about boobs, these ladies made sure it wasn't just that.

I couldn't have imagined escaping into a better fantasy double GFE than these two passionate beauties gave me. It was such a great time for me, the party of my life. When we were done, I booked another party with both of them together for a few days later. Even if we top this one, it won't mean as much as the first. But I probably thought that same about my first party with just Alice, and I was so wrong. These two ladies are definite all-stars.