Alice is such a sweetheart. We had scheduled a party day but some how there were some obstacles that we constantly had to change day or time. I didn't have much available time left for this party to happen. She was able to schedule on my last available day and time. Even on that day she messaged me there maybe some problems or delays with her flight because of the weather. I'm beginning to think this party was not meant to be. However, she messaged me later in the day that everything is on schedule, things starting to look up. As I was driving down the road to Sagebrush, I notice a taxi behind me. I thought to myself it could be Alice. Funny thing, it happen to be Alice. I started walking up the ramp, rang the bell twice. Alice caught up to me, but I did not tell her I was her appointment yet. I figured I give her sometime to settle in. But, of course the staff asked me who I was looking for in front of Alice, so I had to spill the beans. She smiled and came over to give me a hug. She went to her room to drop off her luggage. She came out we chatted and she showed me the VIP room and chatted some more. We had a great conversation and I am now well relaxed. It is time to negotiate which went smoothly.

We had our party at the VIP room. Alice is so cute and is very light. I lift her up like 3 times. On the third time I lifted her she wrapped her legs around my waisted and we we were kissing as I was walking towards the bed. I rested her on top of the bed and kissed some more. I started to undress her and then myself. I had such a great time with Alice. I was so tired that I asked her lets go to the tub, so we did. By the time the tub was almost full the party has ended. But, we soaked in the tub for a bit and chatted some more before we got dressed.

Thank you Alice to give it your all to make this happened from all the obstacles you had to go through. Even when you could not pickup your car due to the plane crash. I appreciated that you took a taxi to keep our appointment.