Everything started a day before my appointment with Alice. I was in town for business and had some free time the night before. I asked Alice if it would be ok to head over to the ranch just to chat for a bit before her shift was over. She said it was ok and next thing I knew we were deep in conversation. Before we knew it her shift was over and with a hug we parted ways till the next evening. I was early and we continued were we left off the night before. The conversation quickly moved to music in which I named a band we both love named Nightwish. For the next two hours we were listening to music in the parlor and the mood was clearly building. Soon we couldn't hold ourselves back any longer. We settled the bill and moved quickly to her room. The passion I experienced was unquestionably amazing. She helped me feel very confident in my abilities and enjoy the next part of my sexual journey. She rocked my world both sexually and intellectually.