I was a virgin and vary nervous at first. They were both so understanding and after a short chat in the parlor, we then moved to the Jacuzzi to calm my nerves. We really began to connect and moved to the newly renovated VIP room and began my journey. We had an out-date planned and after a short bit of exploration we went to Adele's and had a lovely dinner. During dinner the connection I felt was genuine. After dinner we played a game of 8 ball on the parlor billiard table to let dinner settle a bit. We then went back into the VIP room and all I can say is 12 hours later I'm still the happiest man in the world. They are so communicative and we really went through our experience together. They were amazing at reading the mood and suggesting things, and letting me go at the pace I felt comfortable with. They are very welcoming and were great at guiding me to please them and making sure that I had nothing to worry about. These ladies are incredibly orgasmic and fulfilled my every desire.

Communication before your party is something I would greatly recommend. I was talking with both Alice and Clarissa weeks before our party date. Working out all the details that we could legally work out. I also left a deposit of what I indented to spend and that really made things go very smoothly once I arrived.