Best Sex Ever on the Sex Sofa

Best Sex Ever on the Sex Sofa

July 09, 2021
Sometimes, all you need to do to spice up your sex life is get out of bed! You just need to find a little motivation to have sex somewhere else. A change of scenery is often enough to turn up the heat, fast track your creativity, and engage your mind and body in a new way. It’s a lot like vacation sex, actually.

When you’re lying in bed—whether or not you have a partner—the temptation to do what you always do, the position or activity that works very quickly, is almost too much to overcome. But moving to another room or even just a different piece of furniture can make all the difference. And that’s why today we’re going to talk about how you can have the best sex ever on the sex sofa.

Why a Sex Sofa?

Why a Sex Sofa?

Sex furniture, much like sex toys, is here to make sex a bit easier. It can help new positions be more comfortable than they were before. It can also help people with disabilities or limited mobility experience sex in an accessible way. Speaking of: did you know that the BunnyRanch is a fully ADA-compliant facility? Yep, you read that right. We have ramps and extra-wide doors that make the facility accessible for large wheelchairs. And in my suite, I have handles for the walls that can go in the shower and by the bed, so that someone with limited mobility or balance issues can have extra support. It’s important to me to make folks with different abilities and needs feel very welcome in my bedroom.

Even if you don’t have a disability, certain sex positions just don’t come as easily as others. Have you ever looked at the Kama Sutra and just laughed? I mean, some of the configurations seem more than implausible—nearly downright ridiculous. But, anything is possible with the right accouterments. Just like you shouldn’t take sex tips from a magazine unless they came from a sex educator, you shouldn’t try risky sex positions without the right gear.

If you haven’t already witnessed my love and dedication for my very own sex sofa, you should check out my YouTube videos that go in-depth into sex positions that increase pleasure—both for men and for women. It’s handy equipment to have around for many reasons. It blends in, so your mom doesn’t have to know what you use it for. Sex furniture is now so well-made and quality-oriented that it doesn’t stand out at all. It can reduce injury and increase safety for your joints and muscles. And it diminishes the urge to do missionary (again!) for the millionth time because you are lying down. Plus, it can help make many positions more accessible and account for height difference, which is often an issue for me. I’m only 4’8’’!

How to Have the Best Sex Ever on the Sex Sofa

Let’s talk about new sex positions to try. The sex sofa makes what looks convoluted much simpler. It’s a great way to have the porn-star experience, complete with many varied sex positions, with me here at the Ranch!

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So, if you have limited mobility or a knee injury that makes doggy style on the bed difficult, why not try “bend over backward” on the sex sofa? The penetrating partner sits along the sofa, with support for their back which can help anyone with lower back issues. And then your partner or I would sit on top of your lap and could control the rhythm and pace of the thrusting unless you choose to do so with your hips.

Or, if you’re the partner being penetrated and you have lower back pain that makes doggy style difficult for you, the sex sofa help with that as well. The partner being penetrated can gain support and stability by leaning on the larger curve of the sofa, in this modified basset hound position. The partner doing the penetrating essentially stands behind you and thrusts.

Next, try oral sex on the sex sofa! Sometimes oral sex can give you a neck cramp, depending on the length of time that you’re engaging in it. For folks with neck injuries, this can prove unbearable. So, to counteract that, have your partner lay back on the larger curve of the sex sofa, and then climb on top of them. Doing this allows them to give you oral sex without fully supporting their neck the entire time.

The sex sofa can also make sex more comfortable for folks with spasticity in their hips, which can make opening your legs wide painful. If you can bend at the hips, you don’t have to open your legs very wide. Instead, lift them while the sex sofa gives you plenty of lumbar support, just like in the image below. This setup opens up a lot of possibilities for penetrative sex, oral sex, and even anal sex.

Other Tips for the Best Sex Ever

Having a sex sofa on hand is one of the perks of working in a brothel, but there are other things you can do to ensure comfortable, accessible sex. For one, always keep lube on hand. Lube makes sex easier, prevents chafing, and in general makes sex better. Use it! Also, hands-free sex toys are great to have on hand in case your partner has spasticity in their hands. Hands-free sex toys are also great for those with arthritis that can make pressing a button or holding something in a specific position tiresome and painful. Keep extra pillows around in case a limb, head, back, or anything else needs some additional support.

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