Let's Hang with Zenhanger!

Let's Hang with Zenhanger!

April 04, 2023 Sex Education
When it comes to mens intimacy products, there are very few on the market that exceed expectations. This is one of those times.

Let's hang with Zenhanger!

Let’s hang Zen with Zen Hanger! When it comes to mens intimacy products, there are very few on the market that exceed expectations. This is one of those times.

Meet Zen pump- a high-tech, one of a kind male enhancement product that will help you grow in both length and girth. It’s a combination system, bringing together the best of vacuum pumping and penis hanging. Let’s take a look at the benefits of pumping and hanging, and how to use the Zen Hanger to achieve your desired results!

Penis Pumping is best known for increasing girth, enhancing quality of erections, and stimulating blood flow. For this, you’ll use the plush insert, the pump motor, and the penis tube. The first think you’ll notice is how soft the insert is- made from body safe material, it’s designed to mimic the feel and sensation of skin for increased pleasure and maximum comfort. Attach the pump unit to the base of the tube, and press the plush insert into the other end. Once you’re ready, thrust in, and turn the unit on!

You’ll find easy to use control buttons located right on the pump unit- on, + more pressure, and - release. Once the unit is on, press the + button to begin increasing pressure. You’ll instantly feel the intense sucking sensation- go easy at first, and take your time getting acclimated to the sensation before further increasing the pressure. Slow but steady is the goal- this isn’t a sprint, but a marathon! Much like with building any other part of your body, it’s important to allow for rest and recovery time between sessions, and not overtrain to the point of injury. Switching from penis pumping to penis hanging is a great way to really extend the benefits of your training sessions!

PE Hanging with a vacuum weight pump is how to take your training to the next level using the same system! With variable weight intervals from 1 lb- 5 lbs, you can increase the weight of your hang over time to increase the length of your penis! First, start by identifying which hang tip is the correct size for you. Fold the tip over itself to create double layered circle, and slide it over your tip. (Watch my video review here for a visual step-by-step!). Next, determine how much weight (if any) you want to begin with. I recommend starting with no weight for your first hang, and slowly increasing the weight over time. Insert the weight and eyebolt into the tube, and attach the pump unit to the base of the tube. Slide the opposite end of the hang tip over the tube, and secure the base of the hang tip to the tube using the included velcro strap. Now, you’re ready to turn on the pump! Once the pressure has reached a comfortable and secure level, slowly let go of the unit until it is fully hanging from the tip of your penis. Now you’re hanging zen!

Of course, every training session benefits from the right supplementation- Zen Hanger has created a proprietary Volume and Recovery supplement that will further maximize your results! Resting and recovering between sessions is important, and you want to make sure your body has everything it needs to build itself bigger, longer, and thicker than before. Consistency is key, as is patience! Have fun hanging Zen!

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